Our experienced team benefits from the skills of each of its members as well as their overall commitment to customer service.



Our process conveys the users’ understanding, the brands project and the markets anticipation into product innovation, in 3 major steps : the research and creation stage which integrates the market overview, the brand and competitor analysis, trends research, user studies and the establishment of an ideation book including several concept alternatives.

The following step is selection, when all stakeholders select together the best design proposition. Then, the development stage integrates the model and prototypes, the users test, the ergonomic expertise, the 3D CAD, colors and patterns , and the manufacturing support which integrates 3D CAD development, range development and merchandising advise.


1 | USERS & MARKET | Observe the needs

Meeting with end users is a fundamental step, nothing can replace experience sharing. In situ observation of gestures and habits helps to identify ways of «innovative product».

2 | BRAND DNA | Express a vision

The uniqueness of the brand helps to open up an avenues for innovation. A new product becomes unique when it is based upon the history and character of the company.

3 | IDEATION | Create the future

Knowing how to give life to an idea or a concept is one of our strengths and specialty. Drawing and sketches research has the advantage of flexibility, it does not freeze any idea because of technical issues.

4 | PROTOTYPE | Explore & validate

Products are made to be used and handled. We believe that a picture can never replace a physical model. The workshop is mandatory, prototypes can immediately highlight problems of use and ergonomics.


Integrating technical constraints and optimizing components should be done as early as possible to ensure successful realization of the prints.

6 | FINALIZED MODELS | Check and validate details

It’s very important for us to validate volumes, ergonomics and details on finalized models. It doesn’t replace a prototype but it’s very helpful to take final decisions with our clients and the users.